Motunrayo Oloyede

Content writer/Technical Blockchain writer/Finance writer/SEO writer/Editor

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About Me

I am a professional freelance content writer based in Nigeria with vast knowledge in painting beautiful images in my reader's mind. As you know, "Great content is from the heart of a great thinker; the more you think, the better your content." With me, you have the assurance of quality and attention-grabbing content that will stick visitors to your blog and give them no choice but to stick to your command.

My primary objective is to connect customers to your brand and turn visitors into loyal customers.

Here are tips on how I achieve my task and what you should expect from me

  • Well-structured research plan for your content
  • Identify the needs of your audience and channel towards solving it
  • Grab the attention of your reader and keep hold of it
  • Create a detailed and structured outline for your content
  • Educate and inform your readers and keep them glued to your website in anticipation for more of your contents
  • Optimize your content for organic SEO
  • Deliver high-quality and well-edited content that's free of plagiarism and fluff.

I am here for your next mind-blowing blog post, landing page, technical content, email copy, website copy, and crypto content.

Contact Me

My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here or